Customer Service Policy

This policy applies to, Silver Shuttle, Travelugo and Holidayugo products.

Transport2 (UK) Ltd. and our associated brands strive to deliver the highest standards for our customers: we are proud of our record of over 98% of all bookings last year being undertaken without service incidents.

However, we recognise that on occasion things can go wrong. We have processes and procedures to handle these situations and we will listen to you and try and make things right.

We want to resolve any problems you might have experienced as promptly and effectively as possible and your feedback is invaluable in helping us improve our services for the future.

This document sets out the processes we employ for dealing with complaints and comments. It establishes our commitments in relation to how we deal with complaints and the service you can expect from us. It includes:

1.       How to make a complaint and who to contact

2.       How we will respond to your complaint and when you can expect a response

3.       How we will deal with your complaint fairly

4.       Compensation

5.       How we review and monitor the complaints



1. How to make a complaint and who to contact

In order to ensure that we can deal with your feedback in a fair and efficient manner we ask that you put the full details of your complaint in writing, and also supply copies of any photographs, email correspondence etc., so that we have all the necessary information.

To contact us please email:

Alternatively you can write to us at the address below, we regret that we are unable to deal with telephone enquiries.


                Customer Services Team             

                Transport2 (UK) Ltd

                551 Fairlie Road,



                SL1 4PY


2. How we will respond to your complaint and when you can expect a response

If you make a complaint to our Customer Services team, we will investigate the issues you raise and respond as soon as possible. If the complaint relates to the actual service provision we will contact our local supplier or depot requesting an urgent investigation and report on the matters you raise.

If you have not received a full response within 10 working days, we will ensure you are sent an update advising you of the progress made on your case, and will continue to update you every 10 days until a full response is provided.

We will provide a full response to your complaint.  Our response to you will include:

·         The outcome of any investigation we have made

·         The actions we have taken to remedy the source of your dissatisfaction and improve our service to you

·         Any compensation we are offering you if appropriate

Our target response times:

·         We will acknowledge your complaint on the next working day

·         We aim to have a report within five to seven working days

·         We aim to respond fully to all complaints within 10 working days. 



3. How we will deal with your complaint fairly

We will:

·         Ensure we will follow our Customer Complaints Handling Procedure consistently

·         Investigate all complaints made to us, fully and fairly

·         Make every effort to address all the issues raised in your complaint in our responses to you

·         Provide full and relevant explanations for the actions or policies being complained about

If you are unhappy with our first response and, if relevant, any recompense we have offered you, your complaint will be reviewed by our Customer Services Manager or our Commercial Manager. We will respond to you again either supporting our original response or explaining a new decision. Our second response will include the name and position of the manager who has reviewed your case.

4. Compensation

We will offer you compensation if we believe it is appropriate. We will determine the amount of compensation from our published table of compensation, this clearly lays out what compensation will be offered in relation to service incidents. This table forms part of our terms and conditions that are typically emailed to you with your booking confirmation and can also be downloaded from our websites.


5. Unreasonable, aggressive or abusive customers

We understand that if you perceive we have not met our standards of customer service, you might feel angry or upset. However, whilst we respect the rights of our customers to express their views, we will not tolerate aggressive, threatening or abusive actions of any kind towards members of our staff. We reserve the right to terminate any correspondence or communication that we believe to be ‘frivolous, vexatious or abusive’ in line with current industry practice.


6. How we review and monitor the complaints

Our Commercial Manager samples and reviews the written responses made by our team together with our Customer Services Manager to ensure your complaints are being dealt with promptly and effectively.

The information obtained from our monitoring processes is used to assess whether we are handling your complaints efficiently and that customers are satisfied with our responses. The analysis of your feedback helps us identify areas where we can improve the services we provide.


Transport2 (UK) Ltd - Customer Services Policy – July 2015