What you can do to avoid Calais closures

With years of experience, our teams can help you to make sure your trip isn't delayed or cancelled by protesters or industrial action at the port. Read their top tips below. To read about how we put this experience into action click here.

Minimise the impact of strikes on your travel with 4 quick tips

Travel on a Thursday or a Friday morning! Of all the Calais strikes and closures over the last couple of years, the majority have affected Monday (2), Tuesday (3) and Wednesdays (2) with a couple affecting the weekend (2). Whatever the reason for this, you’re less likely to get caught out if your travel in the Thurs/Fri window!

Book your taxi or coach early! Obvious, but it’s much better to be at the port for an extra hour or so than it is to miss your ferry, and traffic during the summer can be very heavy. When booking a coach you should also take loading time into account as it can take between 20mins and an hour to get passengers and luggage on board the vehicle.

Speak to your travel provider! They’re here to help. Experienced travel advisors will be monitoring the situation and may have useful knowledge of how to avoid the strikes by changing your schedule or suggesting an alternative route.

Book with a Transport Management (TMC) Company! By having thousands of vehicles at hundreds of depots, TMCs can often find you a replacement vehicle should you need to leave earlier or later than planned. Speak to them early and they’ll work with you to find a solution.