The Championships, Wimbledon





The most famous event in tennis and synonymous with the British summer, coach hire can get you to and from Wimbledon without having to struggle to find somewhere to park.

With the full-name of âÂÂ?ÂÂ?The Championships, WimbledonâÂÂ?ÂÂ? and held at the All England Club, the name of the south-western district of London has been the most significant in the tennis world since the first competition in 1877. It is now the only Major still being played on natural grass, the gameâÂÂ?ÂÂ?s original surface.



The Championships take place over two weeks in late June and early July, coming to a dramatic conclusion with the LadiesâÂÂ?ÂÂ? and GentlemenâÂÂ?ÂÂ?s finals. The event, strawberries and cream, the strict dress code, and the inevitable rain have become British traditions.

Although the event is heavily televised, there is no sensation quite like being there and enjoying this festival of tennis in person. However, with parking in London being difficult at the best of times, having to arrange transport puts a lot of people off. With the simple hiring of a coach, you and your friends can enjoy the passion, the power, and the freak weather conditions without the worry.