Stansted Days Out

The airport at Stansted on the northeast corner of London is the third airport servicing London. The other two are on the sides opposite Stansted as this smaller airport has become home to many of the low cost airlines that have seen spectacular growth in the last two decades. If you are planning a day trip to this side of the greater metropolitan London, then be sure to make reservations with Stansted coach hire before, rather than after, you have landed.

 Stansted is actually the newest of the London-based airports as it has only opened for commercial flights since 1991. It was originally started up as an airbase for the RAF in World War II, becoming operational in 1943. After the war it was used for the housing of German POW’s for a short time. From then onwards it has been used as training airstrip as well as for private and charter flights. It is the designated airport for flights that have been hijacked as its layout provides a place where a hijacked plane can be isolated from the rest of the airport. The airport personnel are all trained in dealing with a hijacked plane as well. There has only been one hijacking incident which was in 2000 when an Ariana Afghan 727 was hijacked with 156 people on board. It ended peaceably after a 4 day standoff which, oddly enough, ended up with the hijackers and many of the passengers receiving asylum from the British government.

If you choose to bypass the use of a Stansted coach hire there are several alternatives to get you in and out of your Stansted day out. The airport has a good fleet of taxis that are standing by at all hours as well as regularly scheduled trains running round the clock at 60-minute intervals.