Stansted Airport Coach Services


Stansted Airport is the third largest airport in the United Kingdom. It caters for more than 18 millions passengers a year, with a capacity to handle more than double that figure. Moreover, Stansted has the advantage of having growth and expansion goals in order to continue to accommodate its increasing number of passengers every year.

Amazingly enough, Stansted airport is the UKâÂ?Â?s leading airport for short-distance air travel around Europe, and actually operates the worldâÂ?Â?s largest number of direct flights to European cities. Stansted aims to stretch its boundaries in order to offer longer haul flights, and thereby become the number one choice for passengers wishing to fly longer distances. In order to accomplish this, airport management is working closely with aircraft manufacturing giants to introduce long-haul flights to the airport.

Another key advantage of flying through Stansted airport is the airportâÂ?Â?s technologically advanced facilities, including automated security clearance gates, which utilize the latest technologies in face recognition. This all sounds great, but many people still hesitate to book travel to and from Stansted airport because of its location. While it is further away from Central London than Heathrow airport, location is never an issue when transportation is available. And not just any transportation. Customized transportation such as Stansted coach hire services, which are available at the airport. These services allow passengers to select just about any destination they would like to visit or to be dropped off at.

Stansted coach hire is a convenient, safe and affordable means of transportation to and from Stansted airport. Instead of taking a taxi or waiting for a bus service, Stansted coach hire services are there at your convenience and are available to cater for your individual transportation needs. And best of all, they are the most reliable means of transportation to and from Stansted airport, which explains why they are the most widely used transportation service at the airport.