Staffordshire Days Out

Planning a Staffordshire day out is quite a simple task as the most important and dominant point of interest in Staffordshire county will be the Staffordshire Cathedral. If you are travelling with Staffordshire coach hire, it is important to plan ahead for your visit to this West Midlands County. Staffordshire County is home to Englandâ??s National Forest as well as the cathedral.


The county is not highly populated and there are a lot of open spaces and beautiful scenery as well as several charming towns, one of which is Litchfield - home of the Litchfield Cathedral. This cathedral is the only cathedral in all of England that has three spires. It is mostly composed of sandstone that was mined from a nearby sandstone deposit. Interestingly, the walls of the main part of the cathedral lean outwards as a result of the huge amount of weight exerted by the mostly stone roof. Much of that weight was removed during a recent reconstruction to prevent further damage.


This church lays claim to have been the only cathedral that has been holding worship services for the last 1300 years on a continuous basis. If you visit the cathedral, plan to go for one of the worship services if your schedule allows. The organ and the beauty of the interior are even more impressive during a service. If that isnâ??t possible, it is important to know that tours are given on a regular basis and, if you call ahead, you should be able to easily schedule a tour.


The cathedral itself is actually the third building on this site with construction completed on the current edifice in 1220. It was heavily damaged during the English Civil War and the third spire was completely demolished. It was restored as part of the 1660 reclamation project.