Somerset Coach Hire

Somerset is a county in southwest England that is composed of mostly rolling hills and rural landscapes. It is primarily known for its agriculture industry with sheep, wool, cattle, cheese, and apple cider the primary products of this region. In recent history this area suffered an inordinate amount of deaths during World War I while it was also used as a base for many of the troops that were staged in England for the Normandy Invasion. If you are heading for this area for a day out, you would be well-advised to reserve transport through a Somerset coach hire company as there will be a lot of driving involved. If you can’t decide which sites to visit then you may just want to flip a coin on a few topics that are of interest to the majority of the people in your group. If history is your focus, then the American Museum in Britain at Claverton Manor might be of interest to many of you. Otherwise, The Fleet Air Museum in Yeovil is a great place to explore if you have a lot of time. It is very large and there are many exhibits as well as interactive displays. In all, there are over 94 different aircraft on display in the various halls. In Hall 1 there is an exhibit called 100 years of Naval Flying with a mock up of an aircraft carrier as the centrepiece of the display. In Hall 2 the entire presentation is geared towards World War II and includes a Kamikaze exhibit and dozens of vintage bombers and fighters. If you have time, Halls 3 and 4 house many interesting exhibits such as the Concorde and other experimental aircraft. A cafe is located on site so that you can take a break between hall visits.