Shropshire Days Out

The county of Shropshire lies in the West Midlands of England and forms the eastern border of Wales. The county was home to the eminent naturalist, Charles Darwin and is also home to many 12th century ruins which can be toured and visited on your field trip. The best way to start your visit might be with a quick trip to secure Shropshire coach hire services so that you can tour in comfort and safety. After that task is in hand, then it is off to the Midlands.

The first stop on the tour is at the famous ruins of Wenlock Priory at Much Wenlock. This 13th century church was originally home to the Cluniac Monks. There are still parts of this priory that are preserved, including the infirmary wing which is a mansion that is still in use today as private residence. The Cloister Garden is one of the more beautiful parts of the ruin as well as the fountain where the monks could wash before their meals.

Next stop is Buildwas Abbey where the ruins of Cistercian Abbey are on display. This was another 12th century church with parts of its building still intact today. The chapter house features the fully intact tile floor while you will want to take the nature trail walk which goes past the lovely abbey fish ponds.

The last stop on our quick tour of Shropshire is at Stokesay Castle where the Craven Arms manor house stands today, much as it was when built in the 13th Century. This is generally considered the best preserved example of a manor house in England. One of the most distinctive parts of the exhibit is the great hall with its beautiful cricket built timber roof that is unchanged from the time it was built in 1291.