Plymouth Days Out

The city of Plymouth, England, is a joy to visit and is one of the more scenic locations in all of England. Tours of this harbour town are easy to organise and simple to navigate. While the centre of the town was almost totally destroyed in World War II, it has been rebuilt and laid out in a plot of squares that make it easy to get around and convenient for shopping or sightseeing. If you arrive by plane, you will want to get Plymouth coach hire to take you to your hotel. The ride is not a long one, but transport from the airport by road is the most trouble-free and efficient means available. Plymouth is known for its perfectly-formed harbour that is one of the best natural harbours in the world. It is from this harbour that Sir Frances Drake sailed out to defeat the Spanish Armada. It is also the same harbour that the pilgrims sailed from when they sailed to America and the new world. When they landed, they named their landing point Plymouth Rock after the city in England they sailed from.

Tourism is big business in Plymouth and you will see why over 12 million people visit this lovely town every year. The city has a seafaring tradition that is obvious to even the most casual of visitors. If you come to Plymouth, be sure to instruct your Plymouth coach hire driver to take you to Buckland Abbey which was actually Drake’s home. There are many other museums and famous landmarks to see and you are encouraged to see as much of it on foot as possible. The only word of caution is that there is a drug problem in the city and there are certain areas to avoid after dark.