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Pleasure Island has everything from white knuckle rides to an ice skating rink and an innovative new attraction this year was the Aquasphere. A unique alternative to traditional theme park rides Aquasphere is a huge pool with gigantic inflatable balls that you can climb inside and see how fast you can run on water.


Animal lovers can enjoy watching exotic birds and sea lions perform entertaining tricks in the long running shows at Pleasure Island. Younger members of the family can sing and play at Professor Tinkaboo'Ã?Â?s magic factory and The Acrobat Show is a must seeÃ?Â? event.


Annual special events include firework displays in November and a Santa'Ã?Â?s grotto in December and there is a wide range of eateries available to choose from. Whether you prefer Caesar salad or fish and chips, you'll find something to your liking at Pleasure Island'Ã?Â?s fine restaurants.



Tickets start from �£18 per person and season tickets are available from a very reasonable �£55. Travel to Pleasure Island is easy when you use coach hire from


If white knuckle rides are your thing then Pleasure Island is the place for you, test your nerves on the Hypoblaster tower of terror or challenge your mates to a ride on the Boomerang roller coaster.


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