Peterborough Days Out

The cathedral city of Peterborough lies on the River Nene about 30 miles from the east coast of England. For much of the 20th century, this city was the source for most of the bricks used in building modern England. The arrival of the railroad to this city in the mid 1800’s provided the transportation necessary to develop a distribution system for the bricks as they came out of the many kilns operating in Peterborough. Another industry that contributed to this city’s success during that time was the Perkins Diesel Engine manufacturer as, at one point, over one third of the population was employed in the Perkins factory. If you are planning a Peterborough day out in the area you will do well to rent a vehicle from a Peterborough coach hire company and then plan an outing to the many historical sites this city has to offer.

Of course, no tour of this city is complete without a visit to the Peterborough Cathedral, probably the most intact and well preserved example of a Norman church to be found anywhere in England. You will also want to stop and spend some time in the Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery. This building was built in 1816 and has over 227,000 items and artefacts on display. Another must see building is Longthorpe Towers which is a well preserved example of a 14th century manor house. Perhaps the most interesting landmark is the Ely Cathedral. The founder of this church was St Etheldreda, who became a nun later in life and is credited with many of the early efforts within the church. The church as it stands today was started in the 11th century. The first restoration of the church was in the 18th century while the last restoration was just completed in 2000.