Nottingham Days Out

A day out in Nottingham is a great adventure for a classroom or even an adult organisation. Of course, the famous reference to Nottingham in the tales of Robin Hood will ensure that a visit to this interesting city will include lots of references to Robin Hood and his merry men. For starters, it is best to engage Nottingham coach hire for the duration of your trip or visit. They will be able to best guide you towards the most interesting and “must see” exhibits. On your tour, you may learn that Nottingham has more to offer historically than just the 13th century character of legends. Nottingham has a long history of manufacturing expertise in many industries, especially the manufacture of bicycles, cigarettes, and pharmaceuticals. While Nottingham has transitioned to a service economy, there are still vestiges left of its storied manufacturing past.  Located in the middle section of England, this city has been affectionately called the “Queen of the Midlands” and its population of almost 300,000 inhabitants makes it one of the major cities in Great Britain.

If you have settled in to your hotel and are excited to get started with some touring, it is well advised that you see as much of the city as you are able to while walking. The city has closed off a lot of the inner city streets that have historical or entertainment venues to visit. Walking is definitely the best way to see this town. The first stop in your tour should be Nottingham Castle as it is actually a smaller old house that houses a museum that tells the story of Nottingham’s past, including the fables surrounding Robin Hood. You will also note the statue of Robin Hood perched outside of the castle or home. Before the day is over and your coach takes you back to your hotel, be sure to visit Sherwood Forest Park as well.