Nottingham Coach Hire

Nottingham is a city in the East Midland of England and part of the county of Nottinghamshire. The area is famous for its connections with the legend of Robin Hood and played an important part in the Industrial Revolution, gaining worldwide recognition for its lacemaking and bicycle industries.


Nottingham Coach Hire can provide transport in and around the city and advise clients on how to book a unique Robin Hood tour. Robin Hood was a heroic outlaw in English folklore, famous for his unusual habit of stealing from the rich to give to the poor. 

In more modern times Nottingham won world acclaim as the home to ice skating legends Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean. Back in the 1980's local bobby Christopher Dean and insurance clerk Jane Torvill were propelled to international stardom as under the watchful eye of their coach Betty Callaway as they won a Gold medal for Ice Dance at the 1984 Winter Olympics with their revolutionary routine 'Bolero'. Nottingham Council renovated the old Nottingham Ice rink soon after this and renamed it The National Ice Centre, the public area leading to the ice rink was renamed as 'Bolero Square' in recognition of their achievement.

Whether you're attending Nottingham for business or pleasure, Nottingham Coach Hire can provide a wide range of transport options including: