Northumberland Days Out

Northumberland County is the northernmost county in England. It borders Scotland and its east coast faces the North Sea. Because of its closeness to Scotland, it has been the location of many battles between the Scots and the English over the centuries. Not only is Northumberland the most northern county in England, but it is the least-populated as well with over one quarter of its land mass being part of a national park. It was an important part of the Industrial Revolution because of its large coal reserves. Once the demand for coal started to slide, however, it became less important and because of its distant location and small population it has not been a very influential part of England for quite some time. Northumberland days out should be focused on some of the important historical battle sites and castles that were used to defend the region. Upon arrival, you will be well-advised to arrange Northumberland coach hire because there can be a lot of travel involved with a tour of this region. The first stop on your tour might be Alnwick Castle which is the second largest inhabited castle in England. It is home to the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland and has been continuously lived in by the Percy Family for the last 700 years. It is home to not only the Percy Family but also to a fine private art collection as well as the Fusiliers Museum of Northumberland. There are many other key historical sites to visit, including Cheviot Hills, Churnside Lodge, and Craigside. If you have a thirst for more castles and historical sites then Dunstanburgh and Prudoe Castles might be good places for you to stop and see as well.