Newcastle Days Out

Trips to the north-eastern port city of Newcastle – with its 250,000 souls - can best be handled with Newcastle coach hire that can take you to all of the interesting and entertaining spots within this refreshingly advanced cultural Mecca.  Of course, no trip to Newcastle would be complete without learning the origin of the term “carrying coals to Newcastle” used to describe a pointless or futile endeavour. This term originated when Newcastle was a heavy exporter of coal during the Industrial Revolution. In the 18th century, an eccentric American businessman named Timothy Dexter flew in the face of common sense when he took up a bet that he could make money selling a shipload of American coal to the residents of Newcastle. His efforts seemed doomed for failure until he arrived at the port of Newcastle during a miners’ strike and was able to sell his coal at a premium due to the shortage.

Today, little attention is paid to coal in Newcastle as it is focusing its energies on the arts and other cultural aspects of the area. Touring this city on foot or bike is easy and enjoyable. The sights and sounds of this city will keep you hopping for several days as there is a lot to see. One of the “must see” venues is the Castle Keep from which the name Newcastle was derived. Getting off the beaten path a bit can be very rewarding and interesting for tourists with a keen sense of adventure. Newcastle’s Chinatown is a rich cultural mix of Chinese, Korean and Japanese markets and restaurants. If night life is what you are after, then head for The Bigg Market where a wide selection of themed bars and restaurants will fill your night with food and entertainment.