Hiring a Minibus in Australia


touring australiaWhen you are thinking of touring Australia, one of the things you will need to sort out is how to get around. As Australia is a very large area, chances are that if you are interested in true exploration, you will need to travel long distances. One of the benefits of hiring a minibus for this is that it gives you the opportunity to do so in comfort, since you wonÃÂ?ÂÂ?t need to do any driving and modern mini buses tend to be very spacious and comfortable, which means that you are unlikely to get uncomfortable when riding in them.

Ideally, you should hire a minibus if you are travelling in a large group. Of course, you could decide to rent a number of smaller cars, but this will work out to be more expensive and probably not as much fun as travelling as a group. Most of the minibuses also have a very impressive luggage capacity, which means that you can use them if you have a lot of luggage as well. Even though Australians drive on the same side of the road as the UK, driving conditions can be dramatically different and if you are visiting the country for the first time then transport with a professional driver will be a much more enjoyable way to travel. 

Planning your itinerary beforehand has many advantages although most transport companies will be able to assist you with this but it is therefore important for you to at least have a few basic ideas about the type of trip you want before visiting. In order to be able to get a basic price for hiring a minibus then you should at least know the amount of people who will be travelling, the length of time you will be hiring the vehicle for and a basic plan of the areas you intend to travel to. 

Airport Transfers

If you are travelling to Australia for the first time then it is a good idea to book an airport to hotel transfer, after a long flight it is great to have a driver waiting at the airport to take you quickly and safely to your place of stay.

Book your transport well in advance and ensure that you give the advisor your full name and flight number, don't forget to get the name of the company and keep a note of their name and number in your hand luggage in case you cannot find them at the airport. 

Don't forget to book transport for the return leg of the journey including from your Australian hotel to the airport and upon landing in the UK.


Travelling for Business

If you are travelling to Australia for a conference, meeting or convention then the best way to ensure that all delegates arrive at your destination refreshed and relaxed is to book minibus transport.

Luxury and corporate minibuses are available for groups between 8 and 24 people. 


Travelling for pleasure 

Australia is a fantastic place to spend a holiday, but it is a huge country and your itinerary will probably involve quite a few long road trips and some domestic flights too. If you are travelling in a group of 8 - 42 people then it maybe worthwhile to consider booking a coach or minibus for these road trips. If you havent yet decided which areas you would like to visit check out the blog section of Transport Network Australia who offer a comprehensive travel service for groups of any size.