Merseyside Days Out

Days out with the kids in Merseyside require a bit of planning beforehand to make the best use of your time without trying the kids’ patience. The place to start with your day is to be picked up by your vehicle from a Merseyside coach hire company for hauling everyone around. You can generally find the right sized vehicle that can provide you with enough seating capacity for your entire group to ride in one vehicle.

Start the day off with a visit to the Knowsley Safari Park in Prescot. This park was opened in 1971 and has been operating continuously ever since. There are over 30 different species of mammals within the park. If your group is more interested in aquatic adventures then the place for you to head for is the Blue Planet Aquarium near Cheshire Oaks Ellesmere Port. There are over 50 animal exhibits on display with everything from seahorses to clownfish to observe and enjoy. They have a dive with shark’s exhibit that allows visitors to go into the water and interact with the sharks in their natural habitat. If that is a bit too much for everyone, then maybe a visit to the Coral Cave would be more comfortable. The Blue Planet Aquarium is available for birthday parties that have a theme. Just call ahead with the details and they will set up a once in a lifetime experience for the birthday boy or girl. The Amazon exhibit is one of the most educational and interesting of all the exhibits. It is designed to show what a tropical river is like. There are instructional displays explaining how the flora and fauna of this massive river system interact with each other.