Lincolnshire Days Out

Lincolnshire county, nestled along the east coast of England, is an exquisite bit of English countryside full of interesting historical sites to visit on a Lincolnshire day out. If you are a history buff or enjoy touring ancient building to learn about the people and activities that went on in them, this is the right part of the country for you. First thing upon arrival will be to secure the services of a Lincolnshire coach hire company to get you around in a safe and convenient manner.

Your first stop might be a visit to the Gainsborough Old Hall which is an example of the manor houses of England in medieval times. This particular structure is one of best preserved examples of this type of building to be found anywhere in England. Be sure to take special note of the brick and timber framing styles as well as the immense kitchen and fireplace. Before heading out, take a quick peek at the Lodging Tower as well.

Your next stop might be a quick visit to the Sibsey Trader Windmill. This structure was built in 1877 and is six storeys high. It is still operational and the onsite shop sells bakery goods made with the milled flower ground by the wind-powered mill. Another interesting venue is the Tattershall College which used to be a grammar school for church choristers. It was built in about 1460 and was associated with schools and education until the late 17th century, after which, it was converted into a granary. It is one of the oldest brick buildings still in existence in England.  Our final stop is at the remnants of the Gainsthorpe Medieval Village which is just an outline of grass covered footings of a village.