Leicestershire Days Out

Leicestershire days out are a great opportunity to travel and explore one of the more interesting counties in England. Leicestershire is a county located in the Midlands. It features a long history of engineering expertise as well as a farming and agricultural background. With its engineering tradition it is no wonder that Leicestershire is the home of the world-famous Triumph motorcycle brand as well as a centre of airport baggage handling systems for airports and modern day locomotives for the train transport industry. Footwear is another industrial tradition within the county that includes not only shoe manufacturing but some of the highest grade socks and hosiery made in the world.  A trip to this interesting part of England should start with a visit to the local Leicestershire coach hire centre so that they can get you set up with the right-sized vehicle for your touring needs. As you travel throughout this county it is important to know that the famous Leicestershire Pork Pie is one of the tastiest and most-famous of all of England’s culinary products.

Leicester days out should begin with a visit to Belvoir Castle. If you aren’t sure how to pronounce the name of this incredible edifice, it is spoken the same way as one would say “beaver”. The castle is still inhabited by the Manner Family although they only live in a small part of the castle. In reality, the current castle is actually the fourth castle or defensive works to be built on this location. You will be able to visit this incredible structure on all the days that it is open to the public. There is a fireworks display in August within the 1,500-acre estate that the public is invited to watch.