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Legoland is the place where dreams can become reality, all you have to do is imagine.


2012 saw the opening of a fully themed hotel with 150 rooms. So, if you need more than one day to enjoy Legoland, then consider booking a short break which includes 2 day passes for the park, overnight stay and breakfast for each guest.

Legoland is designed for kids between 3 and 12 years of age and has many rides specifically designed for younger children. There are interactive rides, live shows, building workshops and many more activities. Gaze in amazement at the incredible Lego models throughout the park. It is unbelievable what can be built with Lego bricks and there are almost 55 million Lego bricks at Legoland, Windsor.

Miniland has to be seen to be believed, some of the greatest buildings in the world, re-created in Lego, all with realistic sound effects too. Kids can take control of a remote control boat in Miniland and navigate around the water, exploring the places of their dreams.

The Atlantis Submarine Voyage is the world'ÂÂÂ?s first Lego submarine ride, giving visitors a magical underwater adventure. The construction of the ride was a multi million pound project and contains over 100 hand built Lego models. The ride ventures along a secret passage to the bottom of the sea and on this epic journey, visitors will encounter numerous amazing creatures and incredible Lego models.

From fried chicken to finger buffets, Legoland has a whole host of eateries to feed your hungry crew. Whether you aÂÂÂ?re looking for a snack or a three course meal, you wiÂÂÂ?ll find what you are looking for at Legoland's food area. Enjoy homemade ice cream at the Ice Factory. A range of lactose free sorbets are now available along with yummy mini doughnuts and deluxe hot chocolate with cream and a flake.

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