Lancashire Days Out

Lancashire is a county located in the northwest corner of England. During the Industrial Revolution, it was a major commercial centre with milling the dominant industry. By the 1830’s Lancashire was the source of 85% of the cotton made in the world and the county and its residents were acknowledged as some of the most prosperous people in the country. Today, Lancashire is dependent on the defence industry for its well-being. If you plan a Lancashire day out, then you will want to be sure to samples all of the delicious foods this area is noted for. As you travel throughout the county in your vehicle from a Lancashire coach hire firm, be sure to sample as many of the foods as possible.  Lancashire hotpot is famous as a tasty stew with vegetables and lamb as the primary ingredients. Butter Pie is another popular dish made from potatoes, onion and butter. The first fish and chips shop in Northern England was in Lancashire and the area is also famous for its many delightful kinds of cheese.

You cannot consider your Lancashire day out as complete without a trip in your to the Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Amusement Park. This is a must see attraction. It is a family owned and operated amusement park run by the Thompson Family. It is among the top 20 amusement parks in the world as measured by paid attendance. It is also home to the Big Blue Hotel so you can make arrangements to stay for a weekend and take your time to enjoy the endless rides and other attractions at this exciting venue.  Nickelodeon Land is an attraction the younger set will enjoy while the older and braver individuals in the group will want to try out such rides as the “Big One”, the tallest roller coaster in England or maybe Valhalla which is a Viking-themed water ride.