Heathrow Days Out

A novel idea for many people who have never had the chance to travel a lot would be to chart a course through some of the most famous airports in the world. Many of these airports would offer tours that would provide those interested with a broader understanding of how airports work. If you are thinking about such a tour, then there is no more famous or well-known airport to visit than London’s Heathrow. Visits to this world-renowned aviation landmark will be fascinating and educational as well. If you are staying in London, you can easily recruit Heathrow coach hire to take you back and forth from the city to the airport that is located about half an hour’s drive from London.

Heathrow is actually the 3rd busiest airport in the world and it also handles the most international travellers of any airport in the world. The airport is really not that old as it was started in 1929 with a single grassed runway. The expansion of the runways was started in 1944 for the purpose of being able to land and take off with the larger military planes of the day. While the end of World War II made those requirements a moot point, the growth and construction of the airport complex has continued to its present size today. The airport complex is a huge facility that services over 90 different airlines from 5 terminals. It is one of the largest employers in England as it is the workplace for over 76,000 people. Among the many services and businesses that operate out of this airport, the Heathrow coach hire businesses are a large and flourishing service component of the airport as they provide one of the several modes of transportation both to and from this international aviation hub.