Glasgow Days Out

A Glasgow adventure will provide you with some of the most interesting historical and cultural tours to be found anywhere in the UK. The best way to see this beautiful city is with Glasgow coach hire acting not only as your transportation, but also as your tour guide, as most drivers will take pride in their city and enjoy telling you what they know about the history and key tourist sites.


Glasgow is ScotlandÂÂ?s largest city and the third largest city in the UK. It is located on the banks of the famous River Clyde and recently dug up artefacts tend to support the idea that there were people inhabiting this area as far back as the Stone Age. Glasgow's more recent history defines its place in the UK as one of the centres of manufacturing and industry starting back in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Glasgow Days Out

In the 19th century, the availability of coal in the nearby mines, as well as access to iron ore coupled with the immigration of thousands of people from other parts of the UK, specifically Ireland, set the stage for a boom in manufacturing that made Glasgow one of the richest cities in the entire UK. Soap making, glass making and textile manufacturing fuelled this boom as the cotton industry consumed over a third of the cityÂÂ?s workforce at one point.

As you travel throughout the city, your Glasgow coach hire driver will be pointing out to you where the shipbuilding works were located during this time frame. At one point in the 19th century, Glasgow was the source of up to one fifth of all the ships made in the world.

The citys industrial base also included locomotive construction and other heavy industry that relied on the close reserves of iron ore and coal.

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