Gatwick Days Out

While Heathrow airport is probably the more familiar of the two major airports in England, Gatwick is by far the airport with the most interesting and longest history. If you are planning a visit to this historic aviation centre, you may want to do a bit of study to make sure that you can appreciate your tour. For the tour, the best way to visit this facility is to search out Gatwick coach hire and let them shuttle you back and forth from the city to Gatwick, which is a considerable stretch south of London.

The name Gatwick comes from the family name of the Gatwik Family who actually owned a farm in the area now occupied by the airport. The family name originated from the Anglo Saxon word for “goat farm” as the family was evidently a goat farming tribe in earlier times. For many years until the 1920’s, this location was a horse racing track until after World War I when it became an aerodrome. In the 1930’s the Redwing Flying School took over the property until the war broke out and it became a base for the RAF, although it was used more for repair and maintenance of their fighter planes. The period between the end of the war and 1952 were marked by confusion and debate about how to best use this property for the public good. In 1952 it was decided that Gatwick would be used as an alternative airport for planes that couldn’t land at Heathrow because of weather issues as England can have some notoriously poor weather for flying in. Today, the airport is a busy single runway operation with all of the modern services including several Gatwick coach hire service stations inside the facility. The storied past of this aviation landmark continues to evolve with the air transport industry.