Executive Days Out

Executive day trips are often based on a meeting or some other business-related activity. The busy executive will ask his administrative assistant with help in lining up executive coach hire that will be available in the city he or she is travelling to. Executives will sometimes take along their immediate family if the destination is one that offers some recreational or cultural points of interest. Once the work is done, they may extend their stay for a few days to turn what was a business trip into a mini-vacation. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, it is important the executive make sure that the real reason for the trip was to have the business meeting and that the extended stay with the family was just an afterthought. More than a few high level management people have found themselves in hot water with an internal auditor for scheduling vacations to certain destinations and then trying to write off the expense as a business trip by having a short meeting with a business associate.

For executive days out, there is often some sort of corporate policy or guideline that will dictate whether the traveller can travel in business or coach class when flying. Many companies will insist on sending their employees in coach unless the distance to be travelled is over a certain limit. At that point, the rationale for a business class ticket is that they want the traveller to be fresh enough when he or she arrives to be able to conduct business efficiently. Often times, executives will use their own funds or frequent flyer miles to upgrade themselves into business or first class. How much is being spent for executive coach hire may also come up in an expense audit if the car or vehicle rented seems extravagant.