Essex Days Out

Essex is a country on the eastern coast of England, just East of London. For those considering an Essex adventure, the easiest way to begin your visit is with Essex coach hire that can take you from the nearby Stansted Airport on a tour of this mostly rural area. The county of Essex dates itself to the early Middle Ages when the Saxons lived in the area. The name Essex comes from the words “East Saxon” to describe the territory from those early days. Essex country has a deep and interesting history and its buildings are symbolic of the area’s past. There are over 1,400 buildings in Essex that are listed as landmarks. One of these landmarks is The Church of St Peter on the wall which is believed to be the oldest standing Christian church in England. It dates back to the 7th century but has not been used as a church on a continuous basis. In fact, it was used as a barn at one point and then fell into disuse until it was restored in 1920. If Castles are your bag, then the Hedingham Castle is a must see. This four-storey castle was built by the de Vere Family in the later 11th century. Today, the castle is owned by the Lindsay Family who are descendents of the de Vere’s. Thaxted Castle is a relatively new building, having been erected in 1450, while other buildings such as the Colchester Castle and Hylands House all have their own interesting stories to tell. More modern and recent places of interest are Kelvedon Hatch which served as a secret nuclear bunker during the Cold War and Colchester Zoo should be an interesting stop on your drive.