Derbyshire Days Out

Derbyshire is an English county located in the East Midlands region of Great Britain. It has the notable record of being the location that is farthest from the ocean in all of England. Agriculture and mining have been the foundation of this region’s economy and it continues today with lime used for cement and crushed rock used in road building as two of the area’s main sources of income. If you are contemplating a trek, there are many places of interest to visit but, before you contact a Derbyshire coach hire company, make sure that you have a visit to Donkey Village at Freshfield’s Farm. This place is an operating charity that rescues and cares for abandoned or abused donkeys. It is run by John and Annie Stirling and they welcome special needs children who come to the farm to be helped with their special needs by interacting with the donkeys. There is no admission but visitors are encouraged to give a donation to support the 600 donkeys under the care of this organisation. This story began on a whim in 1988 when the Stirling’s bought two suffering donkeys at an auction. Both John and Annie were actors and they had no place to house the animals at first. As time went on they found a rundown farm and exchanged repairs on the building for rent on the farm. This activity started attracting more displaced donkeys and they soon found themselves with several animals that were depending on them. There followed a series of moves and evictions that lead to the current location known as Donkey Village. If you do nothing else in your Derbyshire day out than visit this heart warming farm, your trip will have been worth it.