Cruise Ship Transfers in the UK

Cruises have become more and more popular in recent times. One of the main benefits is that they provide the perfect environment for entertaining large groups. Whether it is a family trip or something youâ??re planning with friends or work colleagues, taking a cruise is definitely well worth considering.

Having booked that well-deserved cruise that you have been desperately waiting for it is important that you arrange a transfer to your embarkation port. Ideally you would want to give some thought to planning the journey to your port to find the simplest and best value transport. Depending on the size of your group, considering minibus or coach hire is a great option.


The very nature of a cruise involves a lengthy amount of time away from home so it will often be costly to park a group of cars for this period.

Not only will parking present an issue, you will also need to make sure everyone is at the right place at the right time. The last thing that anyone wants is to have to conduct a search for late or missing passengers from your group - not the best way to start a holiday!

Most people find that a coach transfer turns out to be an effective way to solve the problem. It allows you to keep your own vehicle fully secured at home, or available for other members of your family (subject to approval) to use whilst you are away.

The main ports that offer cruises from the UK are: Southampton, Liverpool, Tilbury, Harwich, Belfast, Bristol, Dover and Edinburgh.


The largest and most important cruise port in the UK with four terminals. Destinations include: Europe, the Arctic, North and South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Asia and now Australasia.

The port is five miles out from the city but easy access to the M27 that leads to the M25 and the airports of Heathrow and Gatwick.

Among the ships that are based here are; Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary, Royal Princess and the Anthem of the Seas.

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The cruise terminal is in the heart of the city, steps away from the Three Graces buildings and the Albert Dock.

Donâ??t try and navigate the city and park your car as the expense will be considerable. It is far better with a coach or mini bus transfer door to door as even Lime Street station is a twenty minute walk, not ideal with luggage.

Fred Olsen and Cruise & Maritime Voyages have several departures, heading of to places that include, Ireland, Turkey, Venice, Canary Islands and even Canada. Many holidaymakers also take the opportunity to take in some of the sights of the city, either before or after their cruise.


Because of its deep water harbour Harwich can host some of the largest ships at sea and that includes freight.

It is possible to take trains from London to Harwich but then a taxi will have to be taken to the terminal, quite a tiring experience hauling luggage on and off train and taxi.

A coach transfer is by far the easiest way to survive such an ordeal especially considering you are on holiday.

The Fred Olsen Cruise Line and Voyages of Discovery have departures leaving from Harwich. Holland America and Royal Caribbean also operates out of Harwich.



The Avonmouth terminal is six miles from the city center but not far from the busy M5. It is not a glamorous terminal and parking may be difficult to find.

Cruise & Maritime Voyages have made Bristol more or less exclusively theirs, but Fred Olsen does offer occasional services.

Bristol Avonmouth does not really offer first class transfer facilities in terms of public transport so definitely a port to take a coach.


Many cruise lines make Belfast a drop in port, it has a new terminal and adjoins visitor attractions such as Titanic Belfast.

Presently, only Fred Olsen offer cruises from Belfast but the terminal is well situated just off the M2.

There are many reasons why you should consider an airport or city coach transfer to a terminal of your choice and the first being comfort and reliability and second the capacity for luggage.


Changing modes of transport such as from taxi, to train, bus or plane with luggage for a month is not an easy task. Combine this with ever changing timetables and late arrivals then a coach really becomes the sensible alternative.

No parking needed and on-time, door-to-door transportation, it really is a no brainer. Take the stress out of your holiday before it actually begins, take a coach.

The next time you are thinking about group transportation for a cruise or any other event, think We have a fantastic, modern vehicle fleet, suitable for any and every group size.

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Heading Further Afield?

Increased popularity of modern cruises has meant more and more destinations have become available. You can cruise to pretty much any European destination from most of the ports in the UK, making this an interesting travel option.

Cruises to the USA and further afield are commonplace nowadays. For those with more time available you can even take a cruise all the way to Australia!

If you decide to take on the ultimate cruise and head from the UK to Australia, then hooking up with a transport company at the other end makes perfect sense. Visit the website to organise any group transportation requirements when you are in the Melbourne or Victoria area.