Coventry Days Out

The history of Coventry is one of the most interesting of any city in England. This is an ideal city to tour and learn more about if you are interested in historical fact and fancy. The best way to start a Coventry day out is with a call to a Coventry coach hire company to enable you to get around this fabled city. Coventry is one of the oldest cities in England and dates back to 700AD, when it was nothing more than a Saxon nunnery. This nunnery was destroyed by an invasion which brings us to one of the more famous tales in English folklore. On the spot where the nunnery stood, Leofric, Earl of Marcia, built the St Mary’s Priory and Cathedral. While this benefactor was certainly highly esteemed by the subjects under his control, there was much hardship in the community that resulted from the taxes he assessed on them. Leofric’s wife, Lady Godiva, took issue with the plight of the commoners and asked Leofric to reduce their burden. His response was that he would reduce the taxes if she would ride through Coventry naked. The rest, as they say, is history, although scholars tell us that there is much evidence to dispute that this ever actually happened.

Besides Lady Godiva, Coventry has been renowned through the years for its manufacturing base such as the textile industry and silk-making expertise that was prevalent between 1630 and 1860. As cheaper foreign products started to negatively impact this industry, many of the skilled artisans started making clocks and watches that became synonymous with Coventry in the years up to the end of the 19th century. After that, Coventry migrated to the auto industry and became known as the “Detroit of England”. So, as your Coventry day out ends and Coventry coach hire carries you home, rest assured that you have toured a famous city in its entirety.