British Grand Prix Coach Hire


Attend the pinnacle of British motor racing events, the British Grand Prix, with coach hire to get you there and back swiftly and with style.


The otherwise quiet Northamptonshire countryside comes alive with the scream of V8 engines and the screech of racing slick tyres as the global racing phenomenon which is Formula One comes to its ancestral home â?? Silverstone. The world-renowned circuit, a combination of long, fast straights and slow, sharp turns, was originally a Second World War bomber aerodrome. It opened as a temple for petrol-heads in 1948.


With our unique PalPay system you can easily share the cost of the coach trip without having to run around and collect cash from all the travelers.

The modern event has a degree of glitz and glamour which no other motoring event can reach, with champagne hospitality available from the entrance. Some of the best seats, though, are still to be found on the grass verges alongside some of the famous turns.


With British drivers often on the podium in recent years, you could see the champagne being sprayed in the face of a home-grown hero this year. Seeing it on TV is nothing compared to actually being there, amidst the deafening roar of the thrilled crowd and the over-stressed engines. Use coach hire to avoid the crush on the narrow country roads and enjoy your day.

British Grand Prix
Coach hire British Grand Prix