Chelseaa Flower Show Coach Hire


Chelsea flowshow tree hugger


Despite being the most televised gardening events of the year, seeing the RHS Chelsea Flower Show through the eyes of a TV camera is nowhere near comparable to actually being there. Use coach hire to arrive right at the entrance with consummate ease and style.


Held in LondonâÂ?Â?s centre of style and luxury, the heart of Chelsea is annually transformed into a cross between the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and Royal Ascot. Thousands of people arrive in their finest summer style to enjoy the seasonâÂ?Â?s first glorious explosion of colour and fragrance, with many arriving by coach hire.



The Chelsea Flower Show is best experienced with all five senses. See the amazing show gardens, with their physics-defying water features, sculptures and structures which make art galleries look inadequate, and vibrant, vivid colours of flowers at their finest. Touch the sharp cactus spines and the soft, delicate lilies. Smell the stunning harmony of a well-designed fragrance garden, with all manner of flowers âÂ?Â? from the rare and unusual to the old favourites âÂ?Â? blending into a smell which would make any perfume pale by comparison. Hear how you could turn your own corner of the Earth, no larger than the coach hire you arrived in, into your own Garden of Eden from the experienced gardeners and designers. Taste the champagne and canapés of the five-star hospitality, available right from the entrance gate.


The innovations in design, particularly in the show gardens, cannot fully be appreciated in 2D. Each display has something new, something hidden inside, something which a half-second shot on a TV screen can never do justice. Only by being there can you enjoy the gardens at your own pace, relax in the gardens you love, and walk on by the ones you donâÂ?Â?t. Only with coach hire can you arrive as relaxed as you will leave.