Carlisle Days Out

If you are interested in a day out in Carlisle then the first place you should plan to visit when you get there is Carlisle Castle. This is a day-long expedition but it is well worth the time to see all of the sights and historical items associated with this monument to historical conflicts. Upon arrival, the first thing you may want to take care of will be to secure transportation. A Carlisle coach hire company will be able to handle almost any size of delegation and the prices are generally quite reasonable. When you head out to the castle, bring along the right kinds of outer wear in case of wind or cool breezes that may be present on any given day. The facilities at Carlisle castle are convenient and well marked. There are picnic areas if you want to bring along a picnic lunch for the group. Guided tours are available or you are more than welcome to head out on your own. The Cumbria Military Museum is located inside the castle as are gift shops and restaurants.

Before you go there, it might be a good idea to read up on the history of this castle. It is over nine centuries old and has been the headquarters of the Border Regiment from the 18th century until as recently as the 1960’s. It has a long tradition associated with the conflicts between the Scottish and the English armies. The castle as it stands today is situated on four acres of land. It is made of grey and red sandstone with the grey sandstone dating back to the early parts of its construction in the 12th century. It was founded by King William II and has an architecturally as well as historically complicated background. There are an endless number of interesting facts and items to discover at this site.