Cambridge Days Out

Visits to the famous town of Cambridge are usually as a result of visits to one of the more famous college campuses in the world.  Reserving the services of a Cambridge coach hire company to take you to this university town is a must as you will want to have transportation available to see all the sights this esteemed institution has to offer. While the entire town is very pedestrian-friendly, it is still good to have Cambridge coach hire on call in case you need to get out and away from the city proper.

The University of Cambridge was founded way back in the 13th century. Ironically, its genesis was based on a disagreement among the leaders of Oxford University. A group of them splintered off to start their own college. Since that time, there has been a long list of famous graduates including Lord Byron, Sir Isaac Newton and the two scientists who discovered DNA, Crick & Watson. Additionally, the founders of Harvard in the United States were all alumni of Cambridge.

If your intent is to see more of Cambridge than the college, there are guided tours both on land as well as punting tours on the river that are available during the summer months. One of the more popular tours is the ghost tour that is given after dark and takes you to all of the spookier places in this ancient town. One of the Imperial War Museum exhibits is located about 7 miles outside of the city so if you go, you will need to use Cambridge coach hire to get there safely. The Fitzwilliam Museum is another interesting venue with artefacts from Egypt, Greece, and Rome. If you are more interested in festivals and celebrations, the Cambridge Shakespeare and Cambridge Folk festivals offer music and performing arts displays throughout the summer months.