Bus Charter

If you're a non-driver then travelling to different parts of the UK can be quite difficult. You could travel by bus or train but public transport can become quite tedious and after a short time you will probably find travelling even the shortest distance to be a chore. Bus charter could be the answer to all your problems. Groups of 8 - 80 people can hire a coach to travel to whichever part of the UK they choose. There are many different standards of coaches to suit all budgets. If you don't have a lot of  money to spend then you can opt for an economy coach which have three point seatbelts, comfortable cloth seats and satellite navigation systems for easy route planning. The next step up from an economy coach is an executive coach, most of these vehicles have DVD players and LCD screens and some have onboard comfort facilities such as washrooms and air conditioning. If money isn't a factor in your holiday plans then you could choose a top of the range VIP coach with all the latest equipment including games consoles, fridges, microwaves and coffee machines. Most VIP coaches have leather reclining seat and some even have sofas, tables and work stations. Whichever style of coach you choose you will be guaranteed to have a great time. Bus charter can take you wherever you want to go in the UK or even in Europe and it is much more convenient and relaxing than using public transport. Coaches are cost effective too because the cost can be split between the passengers and even European trips can cost as little as twenty or thirty pounds per person.

Groups of students normally can't afford expensive European holidays and one way around this is to get all your friends together and charter a bus to tour around the UK or Europe. Bus charter can be very economical if you split the cost between a lot of people. Groups as small as eight people or as large as eighty people can travel to any destination on a coach. Even if hiring a vehicle cost as much as one thousand pounds, that would be one hundred pounds each between ten people and fifty pounds each between twenty people. You couldn't even get a flight to a European country for that amount. When you travel by coach you can visit many destinations all in one trip, one day is usually enough to see a place thoroughly and then you can move onto your next location. Staying in a B&B or a guest house can be quite economical and if you really need to keep your expenses down then you can stay in a YMCA hostel which can cost less than ten pounds per night. Travelling is something that you really s need to do whilst you are still young because in todays economy when you get older, get married and start a family then you will need to spend your money on more practical items and having fun and seeing the world will have to take a back seat. If you don't relish the idea of taking a UK holiday then you can hire a coach and go to Europe. There are many beautiful countries including France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and many more which are all reachable by coach or bus.