Bristol Days Out

Days out to the seaside city of Bristol – with its population of over 400,000 people - can be an inexpensive visit with a lot of value for the sightseer who will take a little time to study the history of the region before touring it. If you go in the summer, you will find the weather is very warm and sunny and there are numerous festivals that take place in the area as well. If you reserve Bristol coach hire at any of the nearby airports you will be at your Bristol hotel within a matter of 2 to 3 hours depending upon which airport you landed at. Once there, you will find a multitude of means to see the city close up. There are walking tours through the older parts of the town as well as bike paths and bike rental shops if that is your preferred mode of travel. Of course if you are with a larger group the best approach is probably with Bristol coach hire with a tour guide included in the package. While on the tour, you will get a chance to see and visit many of the local attractions beginning with the Clifton Suspension Bridge, which is probably the most famous of all the tourist destinations in the city. Another interesting stop on your tour would be the Bristol Zoo Gardens, which is the 5th oldest zoo in the world. Further down the line you can stop to spend some time at the Blue Reef Aquarium, which is home to everything from the smallest seahorses to the largest sharks. As you travel along the coastline, there is one stop you should definitely make at the home of Brunel’s SS Great Britain. This is the first iron-hulled propeller-driven passenger steamship in the world and it has been refinished and is open to tourists who are interested in our maritime history.