Bradford Days Out

If you ever get a chance to journey to Yorkshire for a Bradford day out then be sure to make a stop at Saltaire. Arrange a weekend to tour and enjoy this delightful part of the country. Bradford coach hire is recommended to provide you with flexible and safe transportation. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must see for anyone who is even remotely interested in English history. Saltaire is a recreated milling village on the site that was originally a Victorian village built by Sir Titus Salt for the 3,000 workers who ran his textile mill in Bradford. If you go there, you will see several galleries depicting life at Salt’s Mill as well as displays that describe the entire textile process and how the workers lived in this Victorian village. Shop for keepsakes and such at Salt’s book and poster shop and if your group gets hungry, there is Salt’s Diner or The Cafe in the Opera that is a famous fish restaurant on the third floor of the museum.

In Bradford itself, there are score of fun venues and sights to see. If you would like to take in a movie, the Bradford IMAX has a wide range of Hollywood hits to show in the first IMAX theatre in Europe. If you would rather take a more active course, then maybe a trip to The Bradford city Park would be more your style. This park presents a fabulous water feature with over 100 fountains and a high tech laser lighting show with mist effects that will be sure to impress every member of the family. Another exciting attraction to see before heading home with Bradford coach hire is the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway which runs through Brontë County and is the only steam-powered train in the area.