Belfast Coach Hire

There is no more interesting and fascinating city to visit than Belfast, a conflicted and inspiring city in Northern Ireland.  Ironically, your Belfast coach hire driver or any of the residents will tell you that Belfast is now the safest city in the UK. “The Troubles” as the conflict was called, lasted from 1969 until Easter of 1998 and, since then, this city has been making remarkable progress in rebuilding the city as well as their reputation. Interestingly, if you ask the natives who live in Belfast you will get one of two responses. Either they love the city or loathe it, there doesn’t seem to be much in between. The history of this city makes it one of the greatest places in the UK to explore. There is so much history to learn and the residents are more than happy to welcome you into their pub to tell about the traditions and history of this fascinating city.

If you are flying in to Belfast, your best place to land is at the George Best Airport, which is just a few kilometres from the heart of Belfast. Tours of the city centre are best done on foot as everything is very compact and centrally located. If you need to do your sightseeing in a hurry and without walking, then you may wish to take the open-topped bus tours that are readily available. If you start your visit at the Belfast Welcome Centre, you will learn all you need to know about making this a visit you will always remember. As the time to leave draws near, you may want to squeeze in a visit to the Harland & Wolff ship works where the Titanic was built, before calling your coach for a return ride back to the airport.