Aberdeen Days Out

A swing to the northernmost side of Scotland to visit the town of Aberdeen is an interesting adventure to say the least. Aberdeen days out are usually done in the summer as the winter time in Aberdeen can be quite cold, with raw winds coming off the North Sea. This same North Sea is where a good share of the prosperity in this city comes from in the form of revenue from the North Sea oil fields. If you are using an Aberdeen coach hire service then you will want to have it drop you at the hotel as the centre of the city is plotted like many medieval cities were and are not great for navigating with a vehicle. If you go on a walking tour, you may wish to have a map along as well.

Historically, Aberdeen was a fishing town. Many of the buildings are made out of the granite that was being mined nearby. In many circles, Aberdeen has been called “The Granite City” as it has been the source for granite in many parts of Europe for ages. Today, the only major industry is oil drilling and large shares of the residents of Aberdeen make their livings (and good ones at that) off the oil rigs of the North Sea.  Crime is very low, as is unemployment while the per capita income is one of the highest in Scotland, thanks to the riches of the oil wells. If you plan to go to Aberdeen, it is best to visit in the summer when the days are as long as eighteen hours and the sun is shining a good share of the time. In the winter things can look a little dreary and cold. Upon returning to your hotel, it might be time to jump in your coach and leave this sparkling and isolated city until the next visit.