Winchester Days Out

Winchester is a former capital city of England. It is also sometimes called Winton and its citizens are called Wintonians. It is located in the south-eastern part of England and today is seen as one of the more desirable and expensive places to live in England. It is also noted as a great place for a tour by one of the many companies that can provide you with Winchester coach hire and Winchester days out.

Winchester Cathedral is the most famous architectural attraction. This cathedral was built in 1079 and is one of the largest and most visited examples of Gothic construction anywhere in England. Jane Austen is buried in the cathedral, along with several other individuals who were closely associated with the cathedral and the city through the ages. Other places of interest in Winchester are The Wolvesey Castle and Palace as well as Winchester Guildhall, which was built in 1871. The city of Winchester survived World War II pretty much intact but, after the war, much of the city centre was demolished to make room for more modern office buildings. Since the war, much of those rather plain buildings have been removed or remodelled.  The city has not always enjoyed such a reputation as in 1348 the Black Plague killed almost half of the population of Winchester and returned to claim more lives in 1603. By 1700 the population was only about 4,000 and in 1800 it was still only 6,000 people. By 1856, however, Winchester received a piped in water supply so that by 1900 the population had grown to over 17,000.