Wembley Days Out

When anyone here’s the name Wembley, they immediately think of Wembley Stadium. It makes sense to consider Wembley visits as an excuse to attend a match or entertainment at this famous stadium. If you come to this part of England, the best way to get to the stadium is with Wembley coach hire. Wembley is located on the northwest corner of London and is accessible via three different airports as well as trains and automobile. The first Wembley Stadium was built in 1923 and was actually called Empire Stadium. This stadium was demolished in 2003 to make room for the new one, which wasn’t finished until 2008. One of the stories handed down, regarding the original stadium, is that one of the narrow gauge trains that hauled materials to the construction site was accidentally buried under the stadium. The new stadium can hold up to 105,000 spectators and is the second largest stadium in Europe. It is England’s national stadium with several defining physical features. It has a partially retractable roof and its trademark arch is the longest single span structure in the world. There were several delays and problems involving the construction of the facility. Today, there are still several lawsuits waiting to be resolved as a result of some of the complications during the construction phase of the stadium. Nevertheless, the stadium is an impressive structure. It has 2,618 toilets which is the most for any structure in the world. During the peak of construction activity, there were over 3,500 workers on the site each day. If you are going to attend a game or concert at this stadium, the easiest way to get in and get out again is through the services of Wembley coach hire.