Hereford Coach Hire

Hereford is a cathedral city near the Welsh border, for many years it was the epicentre of British Agriculture and home to many cattle market This industry sadly began to die after the 2001 Foot and Mouth outbreak which destroyed a lot of British farmers lives. It took until 2011 to re-open a Cattle market in Hereford and the new business is already proving to be a success.


The annual Three Choirs Festival started in the eighteenth century and is now the oldest music festival in Europe. It is held in Hereford every three years and the other venues are Gloucester and Worcester.

Every September Herefordshire Art Week is held in the county, displaying the work of many local artists, during this week many places which are usually closed to the public are opened for the enjoyment of the masses, Bishop's Palace at the Cathedral is one of these places.

In 1998 The Courtyard Centre for the Arts was opened as the city's main theatre and cultural venue. It replaced the New Hereford Theatre which was becoming increasingly expensive to maintain.

People travel to Hereford for many different reasons but whether you're travelling to the area for business or pleasure, Hereford Coach hire can provide a wide range of transport options including: