Cumbria Days Out

Planning a Cumbria day out requires a little study to familiarise yourself with the historical sites in this part of England. Before taking off on your expedition, you may want to stop and select a Cumbria coach hire company to get you around to all of the historical sites you intend to visit. One of the first stops on your list should be the Amblestone Roman Fort. This 2nd century ruin was most likely built during the reign of the Emperor Hadrian. Outside of the fact that it takes up about three acres of space, there is not much of its history that we know for sure. Archaeologists have made some assumptions about what went on there and what the facility was used for, but there are very few records to say anything conclusively. One bit of information was discovered in the 1960s. This was a tombstone found that had the name Flavius Romanus on it and the message indicated that he had been killed by an enemy while inside the fort. This led historians to believe that the fort was used by the local war lords after the Romans left the country. One interesting visual impression you may wish to view is the remains of the road that led to the fort. During dry streaks, the path of the road will be visible in the grass growing over it.

Another castle to visit is Brough Castle, which overlooks Stainmore Pass. This castle dates back to the 1200’s and still stands today. There were ornate living quarters within the castle but they were destroyed in a Christmas fire in 1521. The castle was restored in the 17th century by Lady Anne Clifford whom you can read about at a nearby exhibition about the castle at St Michael’s Parish Church.