Chichester Coach Hire

Chichester is one of the most famous cathedral towns in England, every year many visitors flock to the town to make a pilgrimage to the ancient place of worship. The cathedral was founded in the eleventh century and contains a shrine to St Richard of Chichester. There is a medieveal tomb inside the cathedral which is the inspiration of the poem “An Arundel Tomb” by Philip Larkin.


Every year the city holds an annual three-week art and music festival, many people travel to the area from all over the country and Chichester coach hire can provide transport for groups of any size to any event in the local area.

The most presigous cultural location in the area is the Chichester Festival theatre which attracts actors, writers and directors from the West end theatre.

Chichester cinema is the city's only arthouse cinema, in addition to mainstream films it shows a selection of small budget and older films, the cinema is open seven days a week.

People travel to the Chichester for many different reasons but whether you're travelling to the area for business or pleasure, Chichester Coach hire can provide a wide range of transport options including: